Five Minute Profit Sites – Scam Exposed?

Five Minute Profit Sites may be a hilarious new website that claims it can assist you to make $519 each day.
They claim that you simply can make that much from their “done for you” software that builds you an internet site exploiting a $12.3 million loophole.
It certainly sounds interesting however I’m close to expose this scam website in my honest review, keep reading…
Before I start…
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Five Minute Profit Sites - New Monthly Cash Contests! 1


I’ll be honest, the name Five Minute Profit Sites quite says it all. they’re making it sound such as you can make a fortune from the software which will automatically cause you to an internet site in 5 minutes or less then you’ll make $500+ each day. the web site claims to be tapping into a $12.3 million loophole but I’m here to inform you that it’s an entire farce and you’ll never make anywhere near that cash in 5 years with this technique including 5 minutes.

There has been a variety of those quite websites shooting up lately on Clickbank, and I’ve already exposed others just like the AZ Code and therefore the Viral Cash App.

Who are they then?

Five Minute Profit Sites - New Monthly Cash Contests! 2

One owner from this Five Minute Profit Sites website
The Clickbank affiliates promoting it for a commission
The strange thing is that Clickbank is really one among the more legitimate affiliate networks (they recently launched Clickbank University) however lately they appear to possess an influx of spammy looking to make money online scam websites. I’m not really sure what’s happening there, but it’s a shame because I remember a couple of years back probably around 2011 time they become extremely strict and stopped tons of scammers from selling products on their network.

Now it looks like Clickbank goes backward by letting the likes of 5 Minute Profit Sites be sold.

Driving Traffic To Your Five Minute Profit Site
Behind this Menu Tab Traffic Systems do 21 videos of traffic generation:

Article marketing (4 videos)
Guest posting (3 videos)
Forum marketing (2 videos)
Blog commenting (2 videos)
Press release (4 videos)
Solo Ads (6 videos)
Most of those methods are totally outdated and won’t work anymore, except Solo Ads, which may drive targeted traffic to your product. However, Solo Ads will cost you between $35 and $100 per 100 optics, counting on the standard of the subscribers.

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